5 Tips to speed up your Affiliate International Expansion

Being a business owner, especially an online store owner, affiliate marketing is a marketing tool that you should never miss because of its enormous benefits. Affiliate marketing is supposed to be an effective tactic to make sales increase, save marketing budget and raise brand awareness.

Every business wants their products to go internationally and affiliate is definitely an active aid for their expansion. But going globally is not easy as you image and applying affiliates for expansion is only taken into account if you can satisfy some conditions. The first one is that you have products that can serve multiple local markets such as appliances, clothes, software products and relevant Ebook and magazines. Second, your business model is easy to scale internationally like digital goods and locally manufactured physical goods. The last one is that you’re getting inquiries about availability in certain territories.

Now, if you realize that your business is ready to expand internationally via affiliates, let’s bear in your mind 5 below tips to achieve the best result.

1. Customize offer

“Customize offer” here means” dress like a local” from website interface to payment methods and support. Because customers from different countries have different buying behaviors and interest, you have to treat them differently. Moreover, there is a fact that no matter how good your products are, your products cannot be welcomed in other countries if you serve them in the same way as your domestic customers. So, the more local you are, the more customers you can get. For example, if you bring your products to China, you should notice that Alipay is the dominant online payment platform in China, accounting for approximately 50 % of the market.

In order to get local customer consideration, you should choose a local partner to support you with:

Local payment method

Tax handling

Localize website

Support in local language

Regional pricing

Customized shopping carts and emails

2. Use local affiliate network

Indeed, each region has some affiliate networks which come into operation for a long time and get the specific success. For example, 8Affiliate, J-A-Net and DGM- India are best known in Asia. Whereas, Zanox, Affiliate Window, Trade Doubler are recommended in Europe. Thus, you should carefully choose your right local affiliate network by doing a research and when

searching you should remember to:

Segment the affiliates from the network you have already worked with

See which business models they support

Ask for clients case studies

Get a look at their top publishers

Look into the possibility of them managing your program in their network.

3. Get local help to manage program

Go internationally means that you have to cope with different cultures and different types of customers. Even, you can get a shock because the foreign customers have the opposite interest and buying habits with your domestic customer. This circumstance reminds you to ask for help from local agencies which will help you save time and money investing in local researches. Therefore, you can focus on other things such as building advertising campaign or promotion. Also, the local agencies may lighten other local opportunities that you may not have thought about. Another benefit is that you can get an expert advice on where to take your program further. Actually, many businesses achieve the positive result from hiring local agencies and Bitdefender UK is an outstanding example. This company hired local agency to handle UK affiliate program, day-to-day management, recruitment, proposals, reporting. Eventually, the company has 50 % year over year increased in UK program.

4. Nurture relationship with the performers

As a brilliant administrator, you should indentify, reward and motivate your affiliates at the right time, which will create a basis for a long-term co-operation between your business and your affiliates. In order to do this, performance tiers should be set up and adjusted based on territories specifics. Then, remember to keep the mutual conversation between you and your affiliate open to come up with the most suitable marketing strategies for the future. Lastly, celebrating some events is also a good idea of motivating your affiliates, and in these events you will have chance to know more about them as well as make a closer relationship with your existing collaborators.

5. Address the local opportunities

Coming to a new territory, you hope to have more chances to expand your customer bases and increase your brand awareness. If you want to get profit from local customers, you have to give them benefits first. So, what you have to do? Let’s create a calendar of local holidays and shopping dates because it will be time for your promotion. Besides, take part in sponsoring for education or sport is also an ideal way to impress local customers. Then, don’t forget to run ads on influenced blogs or magazines. All of the above way will actively contribute to your network expansion and create an expected result.

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