Questions about the club

Q: Where is the location of the club?

The location of our gym is near the junction of HazellvilleRoad and Hornsey Road next to Elthrone Park, Hornsey N19. It’s a big red building that is two stories high and unsurprisingly not hard to spot!

Q: How do I get there and is there somewhere I can park?

The club address is 20 Hazellville Road, London N19 3LP. We are situated right next to Elthorne Park with ample off street parking for 15 cars. The car park is often full, there are payable parking meters in the local area.

Crouch Hill Overground and Archway Tube stations are within easy walking distance. If you see our Contact Us page there is map and directions on how to get to the club via tube or train. We also have outdoor bike racks for any cyclists to store their bikes safely.

Q: Is the club a registered charity?

Yes we are, our registered charity number is 1146888 – Islington Community Sports Academy.

Q: Am I able to donate any money to the club?

Yes, and any donations are always gratefully received. The club is a charitable limited company. We are staffed mainly by volunteers and we all work hard with the young people from the local community and beyond to supply a facility that is safe, clean, hospitable and most importantly provide the best coaching possible. All monies donated or generated by the club is used to benefit it’s own members. Any donations made by cheque can be sent to the club address; Islington Boxing Club, 20 Hazellville Road, London N19 3LP and made payable to the ‘Islington Community Sports Academy’. You can also donate online www.justgiving.com/islingtonboxingclub 

Q: Is there a shop at the club where I can buy equipment?

Yes there is, we sell equipment at the gym such as hand-wraps, mouth-guards, gloves, head-guards and more. Please note that the items are only on sale at the club. Plus we also sell bottled water for 50p each just in case you need to take a break.

Competitive Boxing Questions
Q: I am interested in joining the club and boxing competitively for the IBC, how do I go about this?

Competitive membership is £60 per calendar year (January-January) for adults, £40 for Juniors (u17). So the earlier you join up in the year the more beneficial it is for you. If you have not boxed before or need to gain fitness after a long lay-off then you will start in our Academy class.

Q: I am a beginner to boxing but hopefully aim to compete at some stage. Are there classes aimed at a person like me?

Yes there is. Beginners are what our academy sessions are aimed at. If you are a Junior (ages 8-15) then you will be put into our Junior Academy sessions which run on Monday & Friday evenings between 5pm-6:30pm. If you a senior (ages 16-40) then you would be put into our Senior Academy sessions which run on Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6pm-8pm. For more information on our academy classes please see our Academy page.

Q: I have done boxing before but not for a while now. Do I join the academy or competitive section?

If you have not boxed or trained for a while then we would have to put you into one of our Academy classes just so we can assess what level of fitness and boxing ability you are at. Once you have been assessed by one of the coaches and they are happy with your progress, you will then be recommend to bepromoted into our competitive boxing section.

Q. What equipment would I need in a Academy class?

Hand-wraps and gumshield are a must and should be brought along to every session you attend. Also you should bring along a sweatshirt or tracksuit top for when we go running (especially in winter). Sparring and bag-gloves, skipping ropes and head-guards are supplied but we do recommend after a few weeks you purchase your own equipment. Advice on this should be sort from one of the coaches at the club before purchasing. To completely kit yourself out with all the equipment (gloves, head-guard, skipping rope, hand-wraps and a gumshield) it would cost roughly the same as a pair of Nike trainers or football boots. Looked after, your equipment will last you for years and does not work out expensive overall.

Q: Can women box for the club?

Yes of course, we currently have one of the largest female boxing squads in the country. We have had various female boxers who have gone onto win regional, national and box cup titles. We are still communally known as Islington Boys’ Club but this name no longer fits in with the club and we are now much more known as “Islington Boxing Club”. The fact that the we welcome women into the sport who are representing the club in amateur bouts, shows that the Boys’ Club tag is not a correct title anymore.

Q: Is there a age limit to box for the IBC?

For the junior academy sessions the ages run up from the age of 8-15. The Senior Academy classes run from the ages of 16-35. For competitive boxing sections it is slightly different, boys & girls from 10 years old are welcome and eligible for competition. The age limit for the competitive junior section is 10-17 years old and for seniors it’s 18-40.

We also have an Infants Boxing Class that are on Tuesday & Thursday evenings between 4:30-5:30pm for boys & girls ages 5-8.

Membership Questions
Q: How much is membership at the Islington Boxing Club?

Competitive Seniors are £60 – Competitive Juniors are £40 – Junior Academy is £20 – Senior Academy is £30 – Recreational Adult Membership is £30, Students/U16’s is £25 – Infants Boxing Membership (ages 5-8) is £15.

All memberships are for calendar year only (January-January).

Q: Do I have to pay for membership?

We recommend you do as being a non-member of the club eventually costs you much more to train at the gym.

See the non-member/trial prices below. Please note that there is not trial/non members rates for the competitive and academy classes, membership is required if you wish to take part in amateur boxing.

Non Member Prices:
Recreational Adults – £10 per session
Recreational Students & U17′s – £7 per session

It is obviously to your benefit to pay your membership fee as soon as possible.

Q: Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes we accept credit/debit cards for membership, subs and equipment sales. Sales under £30 will incur a 50p charge.

Recreational Boxing Questions

Q: What is Recreational Boxing?

Our recreational boxing classes are aimed at those who would like to train and get as fit as a boxer. You will do bag-work, skipping, pads, technique, etc.etc. and enjoy the experience of a real boxing gym, gain self confidence and get some of that pent up aggression out of your system and just as importantly enjoy yourself. The Recreational classes are designed for those who do not want to go on to compete but like the training of boxing. If you are bored of the normal cardio-vascular workout you get in a gym and want to be more inter-active whilst training then the Recreational classes are ideal. The classes are open to all ages and abilities. See our Recreational page for more information.

Q: What is the price for recreational boxing classes?

The prices for the Recreational Boxing classes are as follows

Members Prices – £7 for Adults per session & £5 Students & U17 per session.
Non-member/trial prices – £10 per session for adults & £7 per session for Students & U17. 
Q. Apart from Students/U17’s are there any other concessional prices?
Yes. If you are on benefits of any sort and can show proof, then you can come along to any of our lunchtime sessions and join in our classes for £5 as a paid member and £7 as a non-member. But the membership price will still be £30 (adults) for the calendar year for everyone.
Q: What clothing and equipment do I wear during each class?
Just wear loose clothing; preferably a pair of shorts/jog bottoms, a T shirt and trainers or boxing boots. You will need a pair of hand wraps to strap your hands for health and safety reasons. Hand-wraps are available for sale at the club at £5 per pair. We supply gloves & skipping ropes and all of these are in good condition. But we cannot provide you with personal items such as a gumshield or hand-wraps. It is recommended that if you continue your training then you purchase your own equipment and advice on this can be and should be sought from the coaches at the club. Do not buy poor quality sparring gloves from large sports shops etc. They will not last and are a waste of money. 

Q: I have never done any boxing before, am I able to come to any of the classes or is there a beginners class?

All the classes are suitable for everybody regardless of experience and fitness level. Whether you have boxed before or not or if you have never done any boxing-based classes we recommend you come on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday to start with.  You will be given an introduction before you start but you must arrive 15-20 minutes before the class start-time to register. If you are unable to come on a Tuesday or Thursday you can come on any other day or session. See our Recreational page for other times & dates.

Q: I don’t like the idea of getting hit, do I have to spar?

Not at all. Sparring is optional. There is no pressure for anyone to enter the ring. Sparring is supervised and no strikes to the head are allowed when doing body sparring as part of the class workout circuit. If some participants in the Recreational classes wish to spar they can but only with other likeminded members. The contact sparring is always supervised.

Q: I haven’t done any exercise for a long time. Am I fit enough to start training?

Yes, the classes are circuit-based and everyone works to their own individual fitness ability. Our classes will build your fitness gradually and no exercise is mandatory. All we ask is that everyone try their best in each class. The coaches will push you to your limits, but if you need to sit out part of the class you can.

Q. Can I get private one to one boxing lessons?

Yes. Private oneto one classes can be arranged to teach the finer points of boxing technique or gain extra fitness. Give us a ring or Contact Us via email for more information.

Q: Do I need to book my first session(s)?

No, all you need to do is come along say 15 mins early for the session you have choosen and register. After registering you can then train in that session.

Q: How long are the sessions?

All recreational sessions are a 1 hour and a half in duration.

Q: Once I am a member what sessions can I attend?

You can attend as many of the 10 sessions a week that we provideas you require. Please see the Recreational page for what dates & times.

Q: Can women train?

Yes of course, the recreational boxing sessions are very popular with women at the club.

Q: What is the age limit for the recreational boxing sessions?

There is no age limit to these sessions it is open to everybody, one of our oldest regulars is in his late 60’s!

General questions.

Q: Does the club hire out or allow any location shooting for TV, film, photography and magazine shoots?

Yes, as long as it does not interfere with the core running of the club. For more information on shoot location filming at the club please go to our Contact Us page and sendan email about your enquiry or telephone us on 07920 280 230.

If there are any questions you are unsure off or a question you was looking for Contact Us via email or give us a call.