Academy Boxing (Beginners to Competitive Boxing)

Our Boxing Academy sessions are aimed at all beginners, male,  female & children to the sport of boxing who have intentions of going on to compete when fully trained to do so. This is the main criteria in joining what is a competitive level class albeit at a beginners stage. Membership has to be paid upon joining this level.

Everyone enters at a lower level to learn the basic skills and technique that will enable them to be promoted to a higher level of competitive boxing sessions. This is done when the coach recognises you as being sufficiently competent, fit and dedicated. Sessions include technique, bag work, sparring, skipping, circuits etc. A good level of dedication is needed for boxing and you will be worked hard to gain a high level of fitness. Equipment is available for use but you will be encouraged to purchase your own if you are serious about the sport. All basic boxing equipment can be purchased from the club. Gumshields and hand wraps are a must have item of equipment for all academy members (hand-wraps are £5 & gum-shields are £4). You will not spar until the coach is confident that you have acheived the required standard to do so and have a gumshield.

Even if you have never boxed before, have done some a while ago or you are quite competent but lack fitness to get back into the sport of boxing, then the Academy classes are for you. But you do need to come with desires to be competitive. The coaches are all qualified ABA instructors and CRB checked. They will push you hard and expect everyone to try hard and be dedicated. Boxing is a tough sport, but the rewards and enjoyment are very vast in the way of confidence, fitness, self defence and discipline.

We do not allow for trial sessions in any of our academy classes as you should come along with a clear view that you would like to compete if you reach the required standard. Be sure you want to give it you best. Only the most dedicated, talented and determined will succeed.

You must be a member to join the Academy Boxing section, there are non members prices or trials allowed.

Download an application form by clicking here.

Senior Academy

Age 16 – 35 years old

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6pm – 8pm

Membership £30 per calendar year – Session Price: £5

Junior Academy

Age 8 – 15 years old

Mondays & Fridays: 5pm – 6:30pm

Membership £20 per calendar year

Session Price: £5

Infant Boxing Class

Ages 5 – 8

Tuesday’s or Thursday’s (during local school term time only): 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Membership £15 per calendar year – Term price: £30-40

Limited class numbers, a possible waiting list for new members. Please contact the club for more information on 07920280230