Our Charity (ICSA)

In June 2012, ‘Islington Community Sports Academy’ (ICSA) was established and became the new charitable name of Islington Boxing Club (IBC) but still trading as IBC.

Prior to this the club traded under the charitable name of Islington Boys’ Club but going into the 21st century this title was seen to be outdated. By 2012, the boxing section of the club started to expand heavily in quality and quantity.

At the point of formation of ICSA, it also became a limited company with charitable status to protect the trustees/directors against any personal liability as recommended by the club solicitors. ICSA continues to grow as each year passes and the long-term hope is to rebuild it’s premises on the current site. This is deemed as being urgent as the building is a temporary structure which was due for demolition in the 1980s.

For more information on the club’s new build project please click here.

The aims of our charity:

Islington Community Sports Academy works with local young people and adults, particularly those that other organisations may find difficult to engage with; our mission being to equip them with the motivation, self-confidence, and networks they need to change their lives, through the vehicle of competitive sport and health and fitness activities. Our vision and mission are underpinned by the following values:

  • Being open, responsive, and accountable
  • Seeking and providing the best value for money
  • Promoting sustainable development
  • Putting service to ‘our community’ first
  • Valuing our volunteer coaches and staff
  • Working in partnership

To achieve our vision and mission, we will:

  • Provide sporting opportunities from grass roots to excellence
  • Provide quality sporting facilities
  • Ensure the club is well run
  • Invest in the club’s facilities and the membership
  • Regularly seek feedback, views and respond to suggestions
  • Celebrate our successes

Members of ICSA competitive boxing section have the benefit of competing for one of England’s most respected and well-run boxing clubs. Our members from the boxing section have regularly travelled aboard for shows, tournaments, representative matches, and coaching experiences. Many have had the privilege of visiting countries such as South Africa, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Sri Lanka, USA and more!

Over the years, our younger members have had the opportunity to travel to adventure weekends at locations across the country and in Europe, including the Lake District and Hindleap Warren to name just a few.