Academy Boxing (ICSA Competitive Boxing Classes for Beginners)

The Academy classes are aimed towards anyone who would like to learn the fundamentals of Boxing and hopefully progress to compete as an amateur boxer. Our Academy sessions are open to all beginners interested in the sport of boxing and with the intention of rising to a level (when fully trained), where they will eventually compete.

This is the main criteria and incentive of joining a beginner’s class to progress to a competitive level.

Everyone that enters at this level will learn the basic skills and techniques that will enable them to be promoted to the higher level of competitive boxing when they have reached the required standards.

Our coaches will encourage you to train hard and be consistent in attending the sessions, when they are confident that you are sufficiently competent, fit and are dedicated, they will escalate you to the Competitive section of the Club. Dedication is key to these classes; you will be worked hard to gain a high level of fitness.

Please note that some of the class days, times and prices may have changed since this video was made a few years ago.

All the necessary equipment is provided by the Club, with the exception of hand wraps and a gum shield (which is a must) which can be purchased from the club, alternatively these can be purchased from any sports shop. If you are serious about the sport it is advisable for you to purchase your own equipment (please seek advice from within the Club).

Sparring will only be permitted when the coaches are confident that you have reached the required standard. When sparring, 16oz sparring gloves, headguard, protector (male boxers) and gum shield are compulsory.

If you have never boxed before, have some, but little experience or are competent, but lack fitness to get back into the sport of boxing, then our Academy classes are for you. However, you must have the need and desire to compete.

All of our Academy classes, both Junior & Senior are operated by Islington Community Sports Academy coaches and they are all qualified England Boxing Coaches, all have been enhanced DBS checked, First Aid trained and have participated in the required Safeguarding Courses. Our Coaches will push you as much as possible and at the same time being aware of your personal level, but they will expect you to try your utmost and show dedication and commitment and at all times adhere to the club rules.

Boxing is a tough sport, but the rewards and enjoyment are very vast in the way of confidence, fitness, self defence and discipline.

To participate in our Academy Boxing section, you must be a member of the Club. We do not offer trials or non-membership tariffs. On your first visit to the Club (and annually) you are required to complete a basic application form which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can complete the same form on arrival to the Club, if this is your preferred option we recommend that you arrive at least ten-fifteen minutes prior to your first session to avoid missing the start of the session.

Please note that some of the class days, times and prices may have changed since this video was made a few years ago.

Sparring gloves are obviously a necessity to participate in all Academy Boxing sessions. We do have a supply of these; however, we encourage you to purchase your own gloves from the Club or if preferred from boxing equipment specialist shops. Please check with the Club for advice on weight/size so we can recommend decent gloves within your budget range. You will also require Hand wraps and gumshields which you can purchase from the Club (an array of colours are available).

All of our classes need to be pre booked and paid for in advance via our booking website.

2023 Membership

All our memberships are per calendar year (January – December) and are renewable from December for the following year.

Seniors (16-35 year olds): £25.00 for the calendar year
Juniors: (9- 15 year olds): £20.00 for the calendar year

Subs per Session

Seniors (16 – 35 year olds): £6.00 per session
Juniors (9 – 15 year olds): £6.00 per session

Class Timetable

Junior Academy Boxing (9 – 15 year olds) – Monday and Friday’s:
5:00pm – 6:15pm

Senior Academy Boxing (16 – 35 year olds) – Tuesday and Thursday’s:
6:00pm – 7:30pm